Extrusion and pelletizing in the pharmaceutical industries

The PFS product line includes newly developed machines for the manufacture of pellets for pharmaceutical products and drugs, as well as additives, all from a single source. MAAG offers innovative solutions, especially in micropelletizing, for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry. MAAG’s micropelletizing technologies produce particles of uniform shape and size for optimal and direct further processing.

Tablets and capsules are currently the most popular oral solid dosage form in the pharmaceutical industry. Pellets are not powder and not granulate; they are characterized by a defined shape and a very narrow particle size distribution. This allows a very wide range of applications of pellets that integrate active substances. Employing hot melt/melt extrusion, even the processing of poorly soluble carrier/active substance combinations, no longer poses a major problem in the pharmaceutical industry. Continuous manufacturing delivers many benefits in production and in speeding up the development cycles for new drugs.

MAAG | Belt-Cooling Pelletizing System PFS

Belt-Cooling Pelletizing System PFS Series 30

The Belt-Cooling Pelletizing System PFS is specially designed for water soluble and brittle formulations. The variable system configuration enables perfect adaptation to the product being processed and guarantees continuous manufacturing. [...]

Application: Pharma
Category: Strand pelletizing
MAAG | Strand Pelletizing Extrusion Die | Die Head PFS

Die Head PFS Series 50

Die heads are used in all strand pelletizing systems for extrusion of strand profiles. The PFS series of die heads has been specifically developed for applications in pharmaceutical and food processes; for example, for the production of [...]

Application: Pharma
Category: Strand pelletizing accessories
MAAG | Drop pelletizing system | DROPPO® PFS


The drop pelletizing system DROPPO® PFS is suited to processing low-viscosity melts and fluids with viscosity less than 500mPas. The system can be used in  many ways; for example, for fatty acids, organic waxes, polyalcohols, or [...]

Application: Pharma
Category: Drop pelletizing
MAAG | Gear pump for pharma/food industry| extrex® PFS

extrex® PFS – 20GP

The extrex® PFS gear pumps are specially designed for applications in the pharmaceutical industries. Such applications require specific design characteristics: high discharge pressure capability, constant throughput, gentle conveying, and [...]

Application: Pharma
Category: Gear Pumps
MAAG | Dry-Cut Strand Pelletizer for lab application | PRIMO PFS


The widely tried and proven dry-cut strand pelletizer produces top quality cylindrical or micro-pellets, which are ideal for further downstream processing. Its compact design makes the strand pelletizer very suitable for lab applications. [...]

Application: Pharma
Category: Strand pelletizing


The pelletizing system, thanks to its enclosed design, is ideal for pelletizing carrier/agent combinations in hot-melt extrusion processes and was developed specifically for the manufacture of pharmaceutical [...]

Application: Pharma
Category: Underwater pelletizing
MAAG | Air-Cooling of strands | Strand Cooling Belt PFS

Strand Cooling Belt PFS

Unlike conventional extrusion in a water bath, the Strand Cooling Belt PFS does not require manual threading of  strands. Strands are deposited directly on the conveyor belt and automatically conveyed to the strand pelletizer. The cooling [...]

Application: Pharma
Category: Strand pelletizing

MAAG precisely meets the demands of the pharmaceutical industry with its specially developed pelletizing systems. An extremely wide range of pelletizing can be realized.

The closed design of the SPHERO® PFS makes it ideal for pelletizing highly potent and sensitive formulations.

The PFS cooling belt pelletizing system is an automatic dry cut pelletizing system developed for the production of encapsulated micropellets, implants, and strand filaments. The system produces cylindrical pellets/strands in the desired diameter and length in a continuous process. Before being cut, the extruded strands are cooled down to the appropriate temperature by means of special air nozzles on the PFS strand cooling belt. The strands are next automatically fed to the PRIMO PFS pelletizer and then cut with the highest quality.

The extrex® PFS gear pump is the ideal helper for hot melt extrusion processes in which special demands are imposed in terms of process pressure and constant volumetric feed in the production process in order to maintain continuous operation, or if work can only be carried out within a narrow temperature range.

DROPPO® PFS is suitable for use in the aromatics industry when fatty acids, organic waxes, polyalcohols, or saccharides are used. This is because the drip pelletizing system is primarily used for processing low-viscosity fluids and melts. The strands are transformed into spherical particles by superimposed vibration, and solidified by means of air or suitable fluids.

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