Pelletizing systems for polymer production

Pelletizing plays an important role in polymer production and processing. The right pelletizing system for the application is critical. That is why MAAG offers pelletizing systems and pelletizing solutions designed for a wide range of different processing methods, such as compounding, masterbatch production, the production of virgin polymers, and the processing of recycled materials. The pelletizing solutions offer safe, efficient, and profitable processing of standard plastics, biopolymers, hot-melt adhesives, and gum base. MAAG also offers methods for processing recycled plastics and systems for producing pellets from engineered plastics. All MAAG pelletizing systems from Gala, Reduction Engineering Scheer, and Automatik provide maximum flexibility as demanded by today’s polymer industry. MAAG’s pelletizing machine design concepts meet the demand for polymers of various pellet sizes and pellet shapes. In addition to underwater pelletizing systems and strand cutting systems, MAAG also offers a drop process for dust-free pellets.

Drop pelletizing

The DROPPO® drop pelletizing System has been particularly designed for the production of perfectly uniform, dust-free pellet from low viscosity melts.


Drying is, after pelletizing, the last station in the production of polymer pellets. The type of drying depends on the polymer and its specific properties.

Quality control and analysis

Our solutions for quality control and analysis make MAAG one of the leading suppliers and technology partners of machines and systems for color measurement technology.