Together for success: AMN is part of the MAAG Group

AMN is a worldwide leader for underwater pelletizing tools including die plates, knife-holders, and knives. Since 1979, AMN has built its reputation on the reliability and the performance of its products. Always focused on innovation, AMN’s philosophy is to provide an efficient solution for all the challenges of this constantly evolving market.

The MAAG Group, together with AMN, offers unique expertise and know-how in the design of pelletizing dies of any sizes or throughputs, and for all kinds of applications (PE, PP, compounds). With a “plug and play” approach, AMN products are always designed to fit the customer’s environment and products, while still providing greater longevity and performances. The innovative technologies developed by AMN through the years have led to design its products as a complete custom solution, that is in line with the global MAAG group’s premium offer.

Underwater pelletizing tools technologies from AMN

Since its creation, AMN has never stopped innovating to adapt to the constant evolution of polymers. Cutting quality and longevity are two fundamental ingredients when it comes to polymer pelletizing. They are at the heart of MAAG group’s underwater pelletizing technologies. AMN dies are made of three key technologies to guarantee a constant pellet quality over time: a cutting face with tungsten carbide nibs for sharpness and wear resistance, an intelligent one-way heating circuit to guarantee an ideal distribution of fluids and homogeneity, and finally, a vacuum insulation system for protection as closely as possible to the exit of the polymer. These technologies have proven their efficiency worldwide in many applications.

To further support customers in the evolution of their products, AMN has also developed specific processes to meet the growing demand for acid, peroxided or highly filled polymers. Through central water injection systems, hydrodynamic knife profiles or acid-resistant materials, AMN alongside the MAAG group, provide solutions to the most demanding polymer productions.