Stronger together: GALA is part of the MAAG Group

GALA is the global leading manufacturer of underwater pelletizing systems and centrifugal dryers. GALA enjoys an outstanding reputation among national and international customers in the plastics manufacturing and processing industry. Customers rely on the company’s high level of design, manufacturing and application expertise, across a wide range of materials.

Since 2015, GALA has been the specialized product brand for underwater pelletizing systems within the global MAAG Group. Combining the products, know-how and technologies of the MAAG Group and GALA optimizes innovation and processing capabilities for the polymers and compounding industry. Our employees are strategically located around the globe and our footprint of production sites and sales and service organizations allows customers access to our consolidated know-how and product portfolio. The MAAG Group through GALA offers innovative turnkey systems, high-performance modules, sustainable components, comprehensive services and new opportunities in polymer production and processing.

Technologies for underwater pelletizing from GALA

GALA has been the embodiment of innovative technologies in underwater pelletizing and drying for polymer, compounding and masterbatch processing, production and recycling applications for over 60 years. Within the MAAG Group, GALA develops tailored, turnkey underwater pelletizing systems and dryers. Its plants process polymers, hot-melt adhesives, color masterbatches, compounds, thermoplastic elastomers, soft and rigid PVC, chewing gum bases, and many other plastics and composites.

In addition to in-depth industry and product know-how and decades of experience, GALA and the MAAG Group are united by respect for our interactions with customers. Reliable performance fulfillment of customers’ needs and requirements is how we measure ourselves. GALA’s product range and services within the MAAG Group are consistently designed to achieve the results required by customers with maximum availability, support backup, and a strong sense of responsibility. The combined innovative strength and high qualification levels of the MAAG Group’s workforce guarantee the ongoing optimization of the systems and the sustainable development of new products and services in line with demand.

Research and development – together with the customer

The needs of our customers are the starting points for new developments. That is why GALA’s research and development activities as part of the MAAG Group often involve its customers. Projects are run jointly to analyze actual situations and define goals. To support customers in their product development, research and development tasks, or in the production of pellet samples for market launch, GALA operates pilot plants and test centers. They are also able to test finished underwater pelletizing systems in terms of their suitability for the given application. The state-of-the-art information, demonstration and research centers are equipped with processing systems such as compounders featuring single-screw and twin-screw extruders, as well as systems for the production of hot-melt adhesives, including for low-viscosity applications.

The technology at the Maag Group GALA test centers:

  • Pellet drying
  • Crystallization of PET after pelletizing
  • Fluidized bed drying
  • Equipment for moisture analysis in ongoing experiments
  • Bagging systems
  • Powdering after pelletizing
  • Surface moisture analysis (weight loss)
  • Rotational viscometer (measuring range up to 500,000 mPas)
  • Melt flow index measurement
  • Screening analysis
  • Karl Fischer Titration Method