Innovative together: SCHEER as part of the MAAG Group

SCHEER represents strand pelletizing of the highest standard within the MAAG Group. Whether strand pelletizer for dry cutting, wet cutting or pultrusion – for over 50 years, the SCHEER brand has been a byword for innovative pelletizing systems for the processing of plastics. Compounding, masterbatch or polymer production are the main application areas of the large and compact pelletizing systems. Maximum production quality across all processes is the key objective.

Through SCHEER, the MAAG Group – the world’s leading supplier of pelletizing systems – offers efficient pelletizing solutions for laboratory and industrial applications.

SCHEER pelletizing systems for optimum strand pelletizing

SCHEER pelletizing systems are continually being upgraded or redesigned to meet the changing requirements of the market and customers. Within the MAAG Group, innovative technologies and customer-oriented development serve to create high-performance pelletizing systems for the polymer industry. Different designs open up more application options for customers. The high demands it imposes in terms of its own performance, consistent orientation to customers’ needs and reliability in its work are what have distinguished SCHEER for over 100 years. As part of the MAAG Group, delivering optimum strand pelletizing across a wide range of applications.

Service philosophy and features

SCHEER’s strand pelletizing systems incorporate sound know-how, high-quality materials, and state-of-the-art technologies. The MAAG Group provides outstanding levels of service to customers and end-users in the polymer, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries, ensuring that their plants and systems work lastingly and efficiently. Within the MAAG Group, customers will find the high-quality service they have come to expect from SCHEER. The first step is training to ensure that users are competent in handling the technology. Regular servicing and inspection ensure reliable operation. Repairs and maintenance, and where necessary replacement of worn parts with original SCHEER spares, ensure that systems deliver long service lives, and provide security of investment for customers.