Pumps and filters for polymer production

For over 100 years, MAAG has developed and manufactured pumps at its headquarters in Switzerland. MAAG prides itself on its core competence — developing and producing gear pumps for polymers, chemicals, and lubricants, and filter systems for the production and processing of plastics.

Today, MAAG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of elastomer extrusion pumps, thermoplastics, extrusion pumps, industrial pumps, chemical pumps, and melt pumps for the production of polymers. Many years of process experience and a deep understanding of the processes involved in polymer production and processing enable gear pumps of all types to be optimally adapted to individual customer requirements. Technical know-how and the ability to respond to specific customer requirements enable the best possible efficiency to be achieved for the respective industrial process. The maximum service life of MAAG pumps and melt pumps and minimum downtimes are a great guarantee for the successful operation of industrial plants.

Gear pumps for the extrusion of polymers and thermoplastics

Gear pumps transport a wide variety of media in industrial production processes in general, in the chemical industry as well as in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The matching gear pumps and pump systems can be found in MAAG’s wide range of products by plant manufacturers and producers and processors of plastics.

Filtration systems and screen changers for industrial applications

Filtration is a process that separates or cleans substances. The mechanical separation processes of MAAG filtration systems are physical. The principles are applied in filters and screen changers for separation and cleaning of plastic melts, chemical substances, and lubricants. They are also used in recycling, extrusion, rotomolding, in general industrial applications, and in the pharmaceutical and food industries.