Sales Contacts

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Band Chen 陈炎生
Sales Engineer – Compound Pelletizer

Jeffrey Bao 包达
Sales Engineer – Gala Underwater Pelletizers

Kevin Zhang 张阳阳
Sales Manager – Virgin Pelletizers

Ken Zhuang 庄康伟
Sr. Sales Manager – Polymer Pumps

Henry Xi 奚东
Sales Engineer – Polymer Pumps

Yijin Su 苏一津
Sales Manager – Extrusion Pumps & Screen Changers

Daniel Liu 刘红军
Sales Manager – Industry Pumps

After Sales

Fang Wei 方韦
After Sales & Service Director

Alice Luo 罗红梅
Sales Manager – Pelletizer Parts

Jie Guo 郭婕
Sales Engineer – Maag Parts

Rina Wang 王再超
Sales Engineer – After sales (Gala Parts)

Chenyi Jin 金辰裔
Sales Engineer – After sales (Grinding)

Rui Liu 刘瑞
Sales Engineer – After sales (Retrofit)