Global services for components, products and plants

Pelletizing systems for polymer production; gear pumps for conveying chemicals, polymers and lubricants; filters for plastics production; and pulverizers for grinding – all MAAG components, products, plants and systems are characterized by high quality, durability and efficiency. To ensure that your technically complex machines work optimally over the long term, MAAG offers you top-class services from trained specialist personnel for all areas worldwide. We are concerned with much more than just maintenance and repair.

After a certain period in operation, even our high-quality machines can be subject to wear and tear of heavily stressed components. These can be replaced quickly, because we keep sufficient quantities of key parts in stock at our warehouses around the world. This applies in particular to original spare parts for our gear pumps, filtration systems, pelletizing systems, and pulverizers. With this service, we make it possible for your business to continue running without major delays if trouble occurs.

Fast replacement of spare parts and components for pumps, filters, pelletizers, and pulverizers

We can supply you with a wide range of original replacement parts promptly from stock, whether you need cutting rotors, feed rollers, nozzle plates, discs, gear shafts, seals, or control components. This means you are always ensured to have the right system part on hand as and when you need it. Obviously, we also supply parts for systems which you have had in operation for a long time, well beyond the contractual supply period.

Sharpening of cutting rotors is the key process in terms of the service life of the rotor. The operation time of a cutting rotor between two sharpening procedures, its overall service life, and the quality of the pellets is heavily dependent on precision sharpening. Having more than 70 years’ experience in pelletizing, and handling over 6,100 rotors a year, we are the world’s leading supplier in the rotor sharpening sector. In addition, more than 35 grinding machines at various global locations guarantee short throughput times for our customers. The sharpening serviced we offer guarantees the same optimum tooth profile as on the original rotor. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced, as the longer service life of the rotor and cutting blade minimizes downtimes for adjustments.

Local sharpening service worldwide

With eight grinding centers worldwide, MAAG offers the largest service network in the polymer industry. We transfer our manufacturing know-how of more than 70 years to our local specialists during training programs worldwide. With our state-of-the-art machinery, we grind cutting rotors, cutting blades, and die plates quickly, reliably, and professionally, even those from other manufacturers. Precise regrinding of the entire tooth profile allows us to guarantee reproducible pelletizing results and a maximum useful life for rotors.

Some components have to be repaired, upgraded, or replaced during the long plant lifecycle. We offer our customers comprehensive repair services for their polymer production plants. Whether repairing gear pumps, filters and feed rollers, or reconditioning cutting heads — we ensure a long service life for your machines.

Pump and filter repair

We repair and overhaul gear pumps and filter systems from many different sectors in our repair workshops. These sectors include industry, chemicals, extrusion, polymers, and compounding. Our range is made complete with replacement parts available on site for short repair times.

Relining and overhauling of feed rollers

We offer you replacement bearings and new linings for all standard elastomer rollers. Our service also includes scoring, knurling, and lining steel rollers of all types of designs. In doing so, we apply the maximum quality standard possible which you would expect from us as an OEM.

Reconditioning of cutting heads

The cutting head in your pelletizing system is subject to high stress loads and should be reconditioned on a regular basis. Our technical staff inspect, recondition and, if necessary, replace all cutting head components. We provide different reconditioning models, such as reconditioning at a fixed price or on a time and expense basis.

Gear pumps and filtration systems, pelletizing systems, and pulverizers should be serviced regularly to ensure long-lasting, optimum operation in polymer production. MAAG offers you a service package with a maintenance contract incorporating features that can be individually adapted to the requirements of your business and its processes. We also offer a routine inspection service to prevent breakdowns.

Maintenance contract covering pumps, filters, pelletizing systems and pulverizers

Maintenance contracts ensure that your production facilities are regularly inspected by an external specialist. Maintenance contracts for your gear pumps, filtration systems, pelletizing systems, and pulverizers can combine a wide range of services, such as machine inspections and replacement of wear parts, training for your employees, and optimization of process parameters.

On-site inspection of gear pumps, filtration systems, pelletizers and pulverizers

Our experts carry out their on-site inspection of your equipment based on a structured checklist, allowing them to record the state of machines quickly and easy. The inspection includes, for example, detection of wear at an early stage, so that appropriate action can be taken in good time.

MAAG is right at your side as an innovation partner in polymer production. To support customers in developing new products and processes, we maintain test and development centers at several locations around the globe. In total we have 5 test centers with various capabilities available. If you need to test new polymer formulations, polymer adhesives, recycled materials or any other type of polymer application we can help you evaluating best component variations to optimize the process and required performance criteria prior to purchasing new equipment. Some of our test centers offer toll processing for small production runs. All our test centers in the USA, Germany and Thailand are connected and we are happy to coordinate test requirements. Simply contact us to organize and evaluate your needs.

Equipment and functions of MAAG test and development centers

At MAAG’s test and development centers, individual plastics can be tested, innovative ideas can be tried out under realistic conditions, a pilot production run can be commissioned, or solutions for special requirements can be devised.

Our modern facilities include:

  • Laboratories for rheological tests
  • Extrusion lines for underwater and strand pelletizing
  • Pump test benches
  • Drop process unit for processing low-viscosity melts and fluids
  • Pulverizers

It is essential for the companies and personnel operating our pumps, filters, pelletizing systems, and pulverizers to have sound, broad-based technical knowledge and skills. We will organize training for your newly recruited staff, as well as refreshing your employees’ technical knowledge either at our training pilot plant or on-site at your company’s location. The seminars provide you with comprehensive expertise in theory and practice, give tips and advice, and point out trends and new developments. Participants (machine operators and maintenance staff) are shown how systems can be optimally operated and maintained with regard to:

  • Product quality
  • Service life
  • Cost-effectiveness

MAAG’s after-sales program includes many technology services and upgrades to ensure that your machinery, plant, and systems are always up to the latest state of the art and are optimally suited to your requirements. This allows you to significantly improve the productivity and availability of your plant. We optimize our machines and components and adapt them to increasing market requirements on a continuous basis. Our service backup is also being continually updated and upgraded.

State-of-the-art technologies for optimizing pumps, filters, pelletizing systems, and pulverizers

MAAG offers you many possibilities for optimizing your machines — from modernization to increasing throughput rates based on appropriate retrofit kits or upgrades such as disposable pulverizer disks. MAAG also offers retrofit kits to adapt existing machines to new applications, such as micropellets or soft polymers.