ETTLINGER is the Center of Excellence for Recycling Systems within the MAAG Group

ETTLINGER 在塑料行业经营35余年,始终是可靠的过滤和清洗聚合物熔体、注塑成型塑料件的首选品牌。作为MAAG Group的成员企业,ETTLINGER是过滤系统和回收系统专家,为国际市场开发高性能的定制化解决方案。


得益于MAAG Group的附随工艺、产品和技术,ETTLINGER作为泵机、过滤、造粒、粉碎和回收系统领域的世界领先企业之一,其规模、实力和专业知识使客户获益良多。产品和服务垂直整合,辅以MAAG Group的全球服务和支持网络,为ETTLINGER客户带来更多和更高效的产品系列。


ETTLINGER offers globally unique expertise in filtration and recycling systems and in injection molding machinery. Our continuously operating, high performance melt filters are used successfully around the world to filter polymer feedstock with varying degrees of contamination. Every system incorporates decades of experience, in-depth know-how, and leading-edge technology through which ETTLINGER sets standards worldwide as part of the MAAG Group.

Ettlinger melt filters are the perfect technology for processing a variety of recycled materials – with a patented principle that has already demonstrated its functionality and performance in many industrial applications throughout the globe. The ERF and ECO series are capable of processing virtually any standard polymer that occurs in recycling plants, sheet and film manufacturing, tape and fiber production, or the compounding industry. Owing to their uniquely compact design, they are also ideal for retrofitting existing extrusion lines.

ETTLINGER is the lead brand within the MAAG Group specializing in melt filters for the processing of recycling materials.