ETTLINGER is the Center of Excellence for Recycling Systems within the MAAG Group

ETTLINGER has been the brand of choice for more than 35 years in the plastics industry for the reliable filtration and cleaning of polymer melts or the production of plastic parts by injection molding. As part of the MAAG Group, the specialist in filtration systems and recycling systems develops high-performance, tailored solutions for the international market.

ETTLINGER is a global byword for economy, efficiency and versatility in injection molding machinery. Our systems for the production of plastic parts with heavy shot weights of up to 130 kg can be found here:

Thanks to the bundled know-how, products and technologies of the MAAG Group, ETTLINGER customers benefit from the size, strength and expertise of one of the world’s leading specialists in pump and filtration, pelletizing, pulverizing, and recycling systems. Vertically integrated products and services, paired with the MAAG Group’s worldwide service and support network, provide ETTLINGER

Leading technology: ETTLINGER filtration and recycling systems

ETTLINGER offers globally unique expertise in filtration and recycling systems and in injection molding machinery. Our continuously operating, high performance melt filters are used successfully around the world to filter polymer feedstock with varying degrees of contamination. Every system incorporates decades of experience, in-depth know-how, and leading-edge technology through which ETTLINGER sets standards worldwide as part of the MAAG Group.

Ettlinger melt filters are the perfect technology for processing a variety of recycled materials – with a patented principle that has already demonstrated its functionality and performance in many industrial applications throughout the globe. The ERF and ECO series are capable of processing virtually any standard polymer that occurs in recycling plants, sheet and film manufacturing, tape and fiber production, or the compounding industry. Owing to their uniquely compact design, they are also ideal for retrofitting existing extrusion lines.

ETTLINGER is the lead brand within the MAAG Group specializing in melt filters for the processing of recycling materials.