Pulverizers for polymers and other materials

In the pulverizers segment, MAAG offers a wide range of Reduction Engineering Scheer pulverizers for different throughput ranges and applications. Our state-of-the-art product portfolio is based on 25 years of research, development, ongoing system improvement, and in-depth know-how in the grinding of plastics and other materials. The range of pulverizers extends from units for small throughputs such as for laboratory or pilot plant operations to pulverizer systems for medium to high throughputs. Key process parameters are the pulverizer disk geometry, the grinding gap setting, the feed rate of the input material, the temperature in the grinding chamber, and the screen fineness. Our pulverizer systems are characterized by high efficiency and top performance in terms of the ratio of produced kilograms to consumed energy.

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Pulverizers for laboratories
Accessories for pulverizers

Product overview pulverizers

Accessories for pulverizers Pulverizers
MAAG | Color mixer for pulverizers | COLORex


The COLORexTM Color Mixer is used to mix product in-line with a pulverizer to eliminate the typical cleanup time of a central mixer. It is designed for most polymers and for production rates up to 907 kg/h (2,000 lbs/hr). The COLORex can [...]

Category: Pulverizers and accessories
MAAG  |  Pulverizer disc  |  Disposable Disc Technology

Disposable Disc Technology

The patented Disposable Disc Technology eliminates the cost- and time-consuming regrinding off-site as was the case before. Instead, the discs are simply replaced by a set of new ones. The disposable discs are only 8 mm thick and weigh 6 [...]

Category: Pulverizers and accessories
MAAG  |  Cryogenic pulverizer  |  Lab Pulverizer REX tech

Lab Pulverizer REX tech

The REX tech, our lab scale pulverizer, makes sampling and trials for R&D fast and simple. Depending on the selected equipment, the REX tech can be cooled with ambient air or nitrogen. This versatile cryogenic plastic pulverizer can [...]

Application: Masterbatch • Rotomolding
Category: Pulverizers and accessories
MAAG  |  Ambient pulverizer  |  Pulverizer REX basic

Pulverizer REX basic

The REX basic pulverizer was designed for users who do not require tight particle distribution specification. It can be used to pulverize a wide variety of materials. This air-cooled pulverizer serves compounding, extrusion, molding, and [...]

Application: Compounding • Masterbatch • Polymer production • Rotomolding
Category: Pulverizers and accessories
MAAG | Pulverizer | REX Powder

Pulverizer REX Powder

The unit is manufactured for both ambient and cryogenic operation with use of the proper attachments. This versatile pulverizer can service the smaller markets with a quick ROI. Almost anything can be trialed on this unit – from [...]

Category: Pulverizers and accessories
MAAG  |  Ambient pulverizer  |  Pulverizing System 85XLP

Pulverizing System 85XLP

The Reduction Engineering pulverizer 85XLP, with its compact design, is the perfect fit for the medium throughput range or the ideal solution for in-house production. This unit of the cryogenic plastic pulverizer, with its integrated PLC [...]

Application: Rotomolding
Category: Pulverizers and accessories
MAAG  |  Pulverizer  |  Pulverizing System REX duo

Pulverizing System REX duo

The REX duo series serves the demanding end user with expectations of best quality powder and highest throughput rates. Efficient utilization of its entire available power makes the REX duo Series the most economical ambient pulverizer in [...]

Application: Rotomolding
Category: Pulverizers and accessories
MAAG  |  Plastic cryogenic pulverizer  |  REC 100

REC 100

Our cryogenic plastic pulverizer systems use liquid nitrogen to cool down a feed material prior to and/or during milling to either help prevent its melting or decomposition, or achieve embrittlement. Because each product is unique, [...]

Application: Polymer production
Category: Pulverizers and accessories

Pulverizer for laboratories

The Reduction Engineering Scheer laboratory pulverizer offers the versatility and flexibility required for laboratory and pilot plant applications. It can be operated at both ambient and cryogenic temperatures. Reduction Engineering Scheer laboratory pulverizers can be used to grind polymers ranging from synthetic resins to rubber to adhesives, as well as pharmaceuticals, and even including food grades, into top-quality powder.

maag-pulverizer-Lab Pulverizer REX tech

Pulverizer for a wide variety of applications

The REX basic pulverizer is designed for applications that do not demand a particularly tight grain size distribution. This makes it ideal for processing a wide variety of materials, especially in polymer compounding, extrusion, mold-making, and recycling.

Compact pulverizer 85XLP

Compact pulverizers are the perfect solution for medium throughput ranges, and are ideal for in-house production. The 85XLP multi-purpose pulverizers enable fully automatic production in the medium throughput range, with maximum quality performance and low operating cost. They are also the ideal solution for in-house production. Quick cleandowns and short changeover times are further benefits.


High-performance pulverizers for high demands

We meet demands for top powder quality and extraordinarily high throughput rates with our high-performance pulverizers. That improves efficiency in terms of the ratio of produced powder to required energy. Highly demanding powder producers, in particular, benefit from the performance of the pulverizer and the compact footprint of the plant.

Cryogenic pulverizers for temperature-sensitive materials

The cryogenic Reduction Engineering Scheer pulverizer uses liquid nitrogen to cool the input material before and/or during the grinding process. The extremely low temperature prevents melting of materials with a low melting point and leads to finer grains.

Accessories for pulverizers

Special retrofit kits allow the use of disposable disk technology even in pulverizers already in service. Our patented disposable pulverizer disks eliminate the need for the costly and time-consuming external sharpening process. The disposable pulverizer disks are simply replaced by new ones. The new pulverizer disks are thinner and lighter. Their light weight also improves handling during installation and removal, and reduces modification times correspondingly.

The COLORex color mixer is a great alternative to conventional high-speed mixers. The mixing process is directly downstream of the grinding process. Both dry and liquid pigments can be used for coloring. Typical cleaning times of a conventional system are shortened by the COLORex.

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